Cultural & Traditions Program Ends

Mesekiu News, July 29, 2011 Issue

On July 18, 2011, Koror State’s Cultural & Traditions Summer Program held its closing ceremony and presentation of the different cultural activities learned by the youths, and also to acknowledge their completion of the program.

Cultural Summer Youth Program participants with instructors and guests.

Cultural Summer Youth Program participants with instructors and guests.

Attending the ceremony were Governor Yositaka Adachi of Koror State, SCA Director Scott Yano, WIA Executive Director Josephine Ulengchong. All speakers congratulated the students for doing so well, and for speaking up about conservation.

The program, hosted by Koror State, WIA, and PCC-CE, was a great success. The students learned about Uchelel a Beluu er a Belau, Wildlife and Conservation, Omengaus el Dui/Such, Omengesols, Omengaus el Bub, and Omerasem‘l Tuechel. Displays of all the work throughout the six weeks were exhibited and students gave oral presentations of what they had learned.

Keynote speaker, Dean Wally of PCC-CE, encouraged students by telling a story of Minister Abbey who tried to change others and found out he couldn’t change anyone. The moral was that we cannot change others, but if we change ourselves, we influence others to change through our actions. Therefore, don’t let friends be the reason why one would leave school or quit work.

Ms. Ulengchong went on further to encourage students to change for the better. “A sualem a omosuk a ungil” meaning learn only good positive things that will help build your character. The instructors for each class were in attendance to witness the presentations.

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