Special Report – Koror, Palau, Micronesia (Oceania Television Network, July 15, 2011)

In 2003, Palau was the first nation to identify their environment as a comprehensive network that needed protection for both its land and water. As a result of this awareness, legislation known as the Protected Areas Network Act or PAN was passed. PAN membership entitles state’s to identify areas that need management and preservation and to be funded for their management efforts.

In 2009, the late Senator Adalbert Eledui introduced an environmental departure tax known as the Green Fee. This Green Fee was collected for the operation of PAN, was not to be eligible for government reprogramming and was kept separate and distinct from all other monies. With the President’s budget the Green Fee collections will be shifted away from PAN and used for a different purpose, to fund State Block Grants. Some say this would leave PAN unfunded and would be the effective end of PAN.

PAN currently has five member states with several states soon to submit their nomination forms. The PAN Fund Board was established to administer these funds, but the Board has been inactive due to a delay by both the Executive Branch in submitting nominations for the Board and by the Senate in acting on these nominations. In an ironic twist, this week three names submitted for the PAN Fund Board were approved by the Senate. Under the President’s Budget the Green Fee would double from $15.00 to $30.00, but none of the additional monies would be segregated for environmental protection or the PAN.

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  1. lolsalair Says:

    This is simply outrageous,.. How do u come up with stupid decision like this? You are jst moving this money from one place to another. How are u solving anything? Hello, wake up!

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