Adult High School in Peleliu

Mesekiu News, July 15, 2011 Issue


A meeting for Adult High School students in Peleliu was held on July 01, 2011, at the State Office in Peleliu. The turn-out was great with the majority of students in attendance showing their enthusiasm in continuing and taking more classes this coming session. Despite the little rain showers, nineteen out of twenty-one students showed up at the State office and participated in the meeting. They made sure that the director and staff knew that they wanted the classes to start as early as possible, and that they take more than two classes.

Director Laura Mangham went on to refresh them on the two tracks that they will have to decide on and offered suggestions on which course might be available next. After some discussion, students and staff both decided on Consumer Economics, Health and Community Resources. AHS staff were on hand to disseminate information and were very helpful in assisting the students at the meeting.

The meeting was a success and the students expressed renewed commitment to completing the program. The staff need to meet with the students more often to keep the students’ and teachers’ enthusiasm and commitment on track.

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