Babeldaob Students will share same campus

Special Report – Koror, Palau, Micronesia (Oceania Television Network, July 08, 2011)


As recommended by the Public Education Task Force through its findings earlier this year, consolidating elementary schools in Babeldaob is necessary to maximize the resources available to the Ministry of Education as well as improve students learning environment. Under a signed Memorandum of Understanding between the Principals of Ngiwal, Melekeok and Ngchesar Elementary Schools, the schools agree to consolidate and operate under one roof.

Beginning this upcoming 2011-2012 school year, students of Ngiwal, Melekeok and Ngchesar state will share the same campus in Melekeok State’s existing Elementary School. Buses will transport students to schools, however other buses will be immediately provided to accommodate students needs. The Education Task force report recommended four campuses for nine out of ten states in Babeldaob. According to the President’s office the school consolidation goes in line with the President’s efforts to improve the quality of education in Palau.

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