PICS High School graduates 295 members of the class of 2011

Kaselehlie Press
Written by Bill Jaynes-Friday, 17 June 2011


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Pohnpei, FSM—The PIC High School class of 2011 graduated this afternoon at the PICS track. 292 regular high school students and three Special Education Transition program students for a total graduating class of 295 marched to their seats and received their diplomas during the rainy celebration.

Chief of Secondary Education Salpisio Salvador presented the class and Speaker of the Pohnpei Legislature Nelson Pelep accepted the class. Fast Track student Hirum Simram introduced the keynote speaker for the ceremony, Pohnpei’s Chief Justice Benjamin Rodriguez. Governor John Ehsa also spoke to the students.

The real stars of the ceremony were the students themselves who had every reason to celebrate for sticking with their education. Unfortunately some of Pohnpei’s young people never participate in a graduation and drop out long before their studies are completed. Not so for the members of the PICS graduating class of 2011.

Salutatorian Dewia Sione and Valedictorian Cheryll Ligohr had the honor of addressing their classmates as the top two academic performers in the PICS class of 2011.

Because the Kaselehlie Press did not receive invitations or announcements from any of the schools in Pohnpei that held graduation ceremonies, we were not present at any of those ceremonies and we were not fortunate to hear the remarks of the top academic performers from any school. We congratulate all of the 2011 graduates of all of the schools, primary, secondary, and tertiary, public and private.

The pictures in this issue were provided by Tim Lebel of Ten Mangoes Photography.

Pohnpei’s Department of Education has promised photos and information from the Nanpei Memorial High School in Kitti and the Madolenihmw High School in time for the next issue of The Kaselehlie Press which comes out on June 27.

Congratulations to the graduates throughout the FSM!

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