University of the South Pacific goes mobile

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 12:00AM Press Release
SUVA (Pacnews) — The University of the South Pacific will spend up to $100,000 to set up a gateway for mobile learning.

Head of pure and applied sciences Dr. Anjeela Jokhan said with mobile phones being the most common medium of communication, students will soon be able to enroll through mobile web or access grade books.

“Each project may take up to $5000 to have the functionality trialed, tested and added to the gateway,” she said.

“Once developed and implemented, there will be the usual cost of texts.”

Jokhan said similar to e-learning where web technologies are used to aid in teaching and learning, m-learning will allow USP to make use of mobile technology.

The scope, she said, is huge.

“For example, classroom assessments (formal and/or informal) can be facilitated using mobiles,” she said.

“Students can access grade books via SMS, enrollments can be through mobile web, important alerts can be sent to students via SMS.”

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