Trochus harvest


As of Sunday, at least 84 tons of trochus have already been collected and sold by locals following the opening of the harvest season on June 15.

Hanpa is the sole company on island buying the harvested trochus at $1.55 per pound this season.

Compared to the previous trochus season, which was in 2008, Hanpa observed that the harvests this time seemed lower. Hanpa disclosed that in 2008, at least 150 tons of trochus were bought by three companies from Hongkong, Japan and Korea.

Hanpa sees the bad weather at the opening of the season as the main factor affecting the amount of harvests this time.

Locals have until June 30 to harvest trochus. Under the executive order issued by President Toribiong in May declaring the trochus season, harvesting from Ngerukewid Islands Wildlife Preserve is prohibited. States also retain broad powers to prohibit or limit taking of trochus within its waters.

It is not allowed for any person to harvest trochus by means of any kind of underwater breathing apparatus other than snorkel.

It is prohibited to harvest trochus that is less than three inches in diameter at the base. The Bureau of Marine Resources, which is tasked to ensure that trochus harvesters are in compliance with the size, assured that those being sold are not less than the allowed size.

The Olbiil Era Kelulau earlier pushed for the open season of trochus believing that a limited season will provide income to Palauan families without depleting the resources.


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