Kayangel State extended oil exploration until end of 2012

Special Report
Koror, Palau, Micronesia (Oceania Television Network, May 20, 2011)


Recent reports in the news stated that the Kayangel State legislature failed to grant Palau Pacific Energy Incorporation the extension for the oil exploration project after the deadline of May 15th expired, but on May 19th Governor Chiokai approved PPE’s request for the extension. The new extension gives PPE until December 31, 2012 to conduct its oil exploratory drill.

The Kayangel State legislature originally voted against the extension earlier in the week, however under the signed agreement between PPE and the State, the Governor has the authority to approve or deny the extension request. According to recent reports, PPE has not been able to drill due to circumstances beyond their control.

Furthermore, a new amendment to the existing agreement was approved between the state legislature and President of PPE Robert Jordan on May 13th.

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2 Comments on “Kayangel State extended oil exploration until end of 2012”

  1. nice Says:

    alebetik ra oil… ngarngii a lenguu rengii a rechad ra belau el rokui?.. udoud malechub eng kmung ngerang?..


  2. A lot could be said either it be the pros or cons of oil exploration. Another could be the process of which oil is excavated and more. However, both state and national governments could capitalize and make well with any source of revenue.

    On the other hand, if measures are not in place to oversee or regulate the exploration, environmental impacts could be devastating to our island nation. Moreover, if oil is later found, how will the revenue be shared. Countries go to war when outcomes are not adequately established, I hope we have planned.

    Just an opinion.

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