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Operation to lessen use of marijuana in schools

By Peter Erick Magbanua
KOROR, Palau (Island Times, May 16, 2011) – In Palau, a total of 5,345 marijuana plants were uprooted in a joint effort by the divisions under the Bureau of Public Safety last May 13.

The marijuana plants were uprooted from 53 plantations in the state of Peleliu and the joint operation was conducted by officers from the Narcotics Division, CID, Patrol Division and the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

According to Bureau of Public Safety director Norvert Yano, the operation was prompted by reports of an increase use of marijuana in schools. Yano added that there were no arrest since most of the lands used in planting marijuana were in clan disputes and owners also denied planting such plants.

“The marijuana plants were confiscated on the same plantations and there were some taken from new farms. The street value of this marijuana is about $150,000 and we will continue to raid these farms and will not stop in our efforts to make Palau a drug free nation,” Yano added.

Yano said that the raid is the first of this year and they will continue to monitor activities in farms especially those which are believed to be use for farming marijuana. He also encourage the people in the community to play an active role in stopping the sale of illegal drugs in Palau by calling the Crime Stoppers at 488-8477.

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