School board extends application deadline

Written by Oyaol Ngirairikl
Pacific Daily News
6:00 PM, May. 12, 2011


The Guam Education Board is extending the deadline for superintendent applications to June 30 in hope of encouraging more applicants.

Board members decided on the extension yesterday with only four days remaining until the initial May 16 deadline and zero applications submitted.

Search committee members stated the 45-day extension is necessary to maximize the opportunity for candidates to submit applications.

“The search committee members collectively decided to extend the deadline to ensure that we have a large pool of candidates. Given the importance of this position to the education and welfare of our 31,000 students, the extension is warranted,” stated Paul Pineda, chairman of the Education Board’s search committee.

The position will be advertised in various states, including Washington, California and Hawaii. The search committee also will use social media to get the word out.

Extending the deadline for the search will provide the board with more time to cast a wide net for the search, which started in early April.

Thus far, the announcement has been published in the Pacific Daily News and Marianas Variety since April 15 and April 16, respectively, according to the Guam Department of Education Personnel Office.

It’s also been posted on Guam DOE’s website, and submitted to the Department of Labor, both locally and at the federal level.

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