CMI’s moving forward

Marshall Islands Journal
May 13, 2011


A Western Association of Schools and Colleges’ report obtained this week by the Journal gives the College of the Marshall Islands high marks for improving conditions at the college following the departure of recent past President Kenneth Woodbury, Jr. The report, by a three-person WASC team that visited at the end of March, provides recommendations in line with CMI plans. “The Interim President Carl Hacker (pictured), working closely with the Board of Regents, has put the college back on track, both in the context of morale, and in stability and capacity of leadership,” the WASC report said.

The WASC report explains that a visit in March had been scheduled to follow up on CMI’s “substantive change” application related to expanding operations at the Arrak campus. Then, between November 2010 and March this year as the college was going through leadership turmoil involving Woodbury, “the Commission became aware of several other issues and events at the college that raised questions and concerns about CMI’s capacity to meet accreditation standards and maintain quality programs and services for its students,” the report said. But since Woodbury’s departure, “the college has demonstrated a determined dedication to rebuilding its leadership team and is taking positive action to fill vacant administrative positions,” the WASC team reported.

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