Adams receives NMC contract offer

Saturday, May 14, 2011
$80K salary not subject to austerity measures
By Moneth Deposa – Reporter
Dr. Christa Adams

Dr. Christa Adams

The applicant selected to become the next president of the Northern Marianas College has been formally offered a contract by the Board of Regents and is now reviewing the proposal, according to board chair Juan T. Lizama.

Dr. Christa Adams, a former president of Owens Community College in Ohio, confirmed Thursday in a conversation with Lizama that she received the contract offer.

Adams has until Tuesday to decide on the matter, according to Lizama.

“We’re providing Dr. Adams ample time to review the proposal so we’re expecting her decision by next week,” he said.

According to Lizama, Adams asked about some of the language and provisions of the contract offer but he described these as “preliminary” in nature.

“We’re still in the negotiation process with Dr. Adams and we’re hopeful that she will accept the offer. Although she raised some questions [in the contract], these are just preliminary,” Lizama told Saipan Tribune yesterday.

He said the proposal keeps the $80,000 annual salary offer and the provision that her employment can only be terminated with cause or reason. The salary will not be subject to any austerity measures. Lizama said the proposal also keeps the $800 monthly housing allowance and corresponding vacation leaves.

Although these conditions may still be changed, Lizama said that would depend on the board, acting pursuant to the parameters it set in hiring the qualified candidate.

Adams, the board’s original top pick, had previously withdrawn her application due to family reasons. She later asked the board to reconsider her application after resolving her family situation.

The board’s other top candidates, Dr. Sharon Hart and Dr. Jeff Armstrong, both rejected the college’s offers.

The board on Tuesday unanimously selected Adams and described her selection as “the right direction to pursue” for the college, which remains on show-cause status with the Accrediting Commission for Community Junior Colleges.

The commission had identified 10 areas of concern at NMC, including the institution’s unstable leadership. The fate of NMC will be know in June after the commission’s assembly next month.

NMC has had seven presidents in the last 10 years. Its last president was Dr. Carmen Fernandez, who was fired last year. Lorraine T. Cabrera is currently the interim president.

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