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Students complain teachers not attending classes

By Denver Newter

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, May 10, 2011) – The Deputy Principal of Honiara High School (HHS) told the Solomon Star that teachers being absent from school was related to issues of housing which the Honiara City Council should address.

Maetia Johnny raised the concern after students condemned teachers who were not turning up to all of their classes.

He said this problem was a common problem all schools around the country have gone through and was not exclusive to HHS. “Students should look at the situation teachers have gone through especially in Honiara most teachers were not properly provided hospitality like other schools in the country,” Mr. Johnny said.

He said lots of the issues of the teachers were not meet by the responsible authorities.

“The problem was not the school problem but responsible authorities has be an unsuccessful to address issues”

“Most of the teachers were living in a settlement in a far distance, how should teachers prepare the topic if their home was unreliable unless they were given a good comfortable hospitality so that they would be able to concentrate to do their work.

“Teaching is not an easy work and it needs a comfortable environment so that they could concentrate and focus on preparing their lesson for the next day.

“The situation could not be address in the level of school but it was the responsible authorities to do their duty,” he said.

Mr. Johnny said if the responsible authorities met the conditions of the teachers then students would experience a reliable service in the school.

“You can not blame the teachers about this problem because not all of them were provided hospitality only few were given the privilege of a home. Most teachers here were qualified ones but the problem is a condition.

He said the recruitment for the teachers in this school was not made by the school but the HCC itself appointed the teachers.

“I’d like to assure the parents and students that the situation is a holistic problem that most schools have suffered. “It is hard to address internally only the responsible authorities would address it if not then we would still experience the same chaos,” he said.

“Honiara City Council should see this and start to address this because it is an appropriate issues in the country today.”

HHS has 33 teachers altogether and only 10 were housed while the rest reside in the town.

The Solomon Star attempted to contact the HCC chief education officer for a response to the issue, but no one from the HCC would comment.

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