DOE applies for grant for school security cams

Posted: May 09, 2011 7:11 PM HST
Updated: May 09, 2011 7:11 PM HST

by Sabrina Salas


Guam – The Guam Department of Education applied for the COPS Secure our Schools grant program to help minimize vandalism in the island’s public high schools. DOE Safety Administrator Bruce Williams says this is the third time the agency applied for the grant in partnership with the Guam Police Department.

He says the $375,000 grant will provide security cameras in DOE’s five high schools, to prevent the department from having to spend another cent on cleaning up the mess from school break-ins.

Williams explained, the key to these surveillance cameras, you are going to have the break in alarms for the doors and windows, we don’t really want to have the motion detectors because they are problematic but then with the cameras it can be monitored for the police department, from the precinct via web and then they cam monitor the cameras and see if someone is there and take pictures of them while they are responding.”

The Guam Education Policy Board has also decided to use ARRA funding to outfit the rest of the island’s public schools with security cameras.

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