Better Days

A reference for the rest of us! Let’s dive into our everyday life as being a Palauan in Palau. I hand it that it’s the same stuff different day all the more often. We awake to confine us in work just to be able to pass the day, but let’s not forget that we work to guarantee our payments to Palau’s cost of living.

Palau’s Household Income and Expenditure Survey bring us to bare the necessities. If you spend some time to review its findings, you just might agree with some of my views.

Koror, Republic of Palau

Downtown (Koror, Republic of Palau)

For instance, a typical day I would wake up and greet my neighbors and proceed to my government job with the very care of meeting the needs of tomorrow. Although expected in the minds of many, I find that being a Palauan in Palau is down right hard.

Let’s assume the middle class who might on the average earn about $300 bi-weekly or better yet, a couple straight out of college earning the same amount with a son or daughter at hand. They are both strong earners with about $1200 to fair out a month. With a mortgage plan, a car note, and family obligations to name a few, their kid would be lucky to meet the bare essentials for a quality education.

Nowadays, the focus is to meeting the necessities in life. It will never be the enjoyment or the happiness that we seek but just to be able to survive in this unforgiving economy. Oh how the game show “Survival Palau” show a different picture. I remember the days were we as citizens cared for one another. The days were I would walk around any neighborhood and be welcomed to people’s homes and treated as family. We all know how it felt. Now, we have so little to call as our own that we have forgotten our livelihood and looked to conserve what little is left.

It’s sad that we have become who we are today. Our sons and daughters now seek refuge in other places in the world so they can live their days with glee and gratitude knowing very well that they can afford being happy. So whom shall we point our fingers too? Our political leaders? The economy? or Ourselves?


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One Comment on “Better Days”

  1. mekedulang Says:

    Mekedulang Metiakid A TON OF BURDEN:
    Tearing as I realize the very much true hardship this posting I came upon. I seep towards inputting myself in this guy’s seat. He first explains the very simple concept of waking up and acknowledging his fellow neighbors and what I might consider be taking a loon inflation of his chest and begin to exhale and consider the very much thankfulness of just being alive amidst all of the many issues that for certain is upon his future. With many of his burdens He then proceeds to go towards his labor and without any discouragement comes to realize the very true nature of his existence; that of a culturally rooted individual that been vastly opened and influenced by western society thus wringing himself between both and strongly choosing to live and courageously wake up every day to pay his dues and invest his part to not expect many as rewards but that of many as of love, unity, understanding and a future of strong structure deeply embedded with much tranquility and reasoning. This individual I think truly invests not only his time, effort, love, understanding, but of his being as a true hard working citizen that doesn’t expect much but expects the JUST ENOUGH and the JUST EQUALLY GIVEN IN retrospect. I truly applaud him for greatly investing many of his attributes and considering what might be the TON BURDEN we are infested with nowadays, I strongly feel his hardship and too am willing to step next to him in a daily effort to truly do what is morally right and heavenly sound. I thank you sir for your very much wonderful inputs you have invested in this group as to always remain neutral, and not be biased, only you as an individual can start a movement with only your hearts inspiration , knowing that GOD IS ALWAYS WATCHING!! I tip my hat off to you sir, and let us pray that GOD send us a storm of delightful solutions. ONE LOVE!

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