$10 Million Taiwan Grant

$10 million Taiwan grant to fund 22 Palau projects

Thursday, January 06, 2011 12:00AM By Jose Señase – For Variety

KOROR — Palau President Johnson Toribiong has announced the projects to be funded by the Taiwan Stimulus Funds for 2011, amounting to $10 million.

He said there are 22 projects and they involve agriculture, mariculture, the environment and road repairs.

Palau Woman Harvesting Taro

Harvesting Taro in Palau

The agriculture projects include Green Revolution Phase II ($300,000), livestock development  ($173,000) and the hiring of a Taiwan expert ($29,000).

For mariculture, the projects include the purchase of a rabbit fish farm ($30,000), Malakal Marine Resource Phase II ($500,000) and the hiring of a Taiwan expert ($29,000).

For infrastructure, the projects include road development in Airai going to the rabbit fish farm ($350,000), Koksai Nekken ($525,000), Ngchesar ($250,000), Ngardmau ($250,000), Ngarchelong ($275,000), Ngermid Phase I ($400,000), Ulimang-Elab in Ngaraard ($150,000) and Ngkeklau in Ngaraard ($250,000).

Other infrastructure projects include T-Dock/M-Dock road rehabilitation ($500,000), Koksai-Ngchesar Phase III ($4 million), judiciary information system ($820,000), Melekeok historical pier restoration ($200,000), Ngaremlengui road rehabilitation ($500,000) and the hiring of a project evaluator ($19,000).

For the environment, the projects include the Koror sewer pump station upgrade ($400,000) and the Badrulchau Tourism Center ($50,000).

The Taiwan government also provided Palau $10 million last year to fund various infrastructure and agriculture projects, majority of which are almost finished.

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